9 Benefits of Mobile Beauty Salons

9 Benefits of Mobile Beauty Salons

No matter how much you want or need to get your hair or your makeup done by a professional, setting up an appointment and going to a beauty salon can be too much of a hassle.

Just the thought of the rush-hour traffic will make you want to put off your hair treatment for another week. Then there’ that inevitable tiredness from work that makes you too lazy to leave the house and get that much-needed hair treatment.

Thankfully, mobile hairdressers and makeup artists can now come to you and help make you look and feel your best right from the comfort of your own home.

Mobile beauty salons are equipped with all the tools needed to create hair and makeup designs for fancy events like weddings and for pampering spa sessions and hair treatments.

Keep reading to find out why mobile beauty salons might be perfect for you.

Convenient and comfortable

Most of us live very busy lives and find it difficult to take time off to go to a salon. While some beauty salons do stay open until late at night, they usually get swamped by those who work full-time and are fully booked far in advance.

And while you can look for another salon that can accommodate you, a place with lots of free chairs doesn’t exactly seem like it provides quality services, does it?

Mobile beauty salons offer hair and makeup services right where you are, be it at home, a hotel, the office, or an event center. Being too tired to visit the salon is no longer an excuse to not get your nails done or your roots touched up.

No longer will you have to dodge rain after getting your hair blow-dried or risk smudging your nails because you have to return to the office post-manicure. In cold weather, you don’t have to worry about freezing your toes off as you head out in flip-flops post-pedicure.

With mobile beauty salons, you don’t have to suffer through these all-too-common inconveniences. You don’t have to travel to a salon to get your nails done or your hair styled. You can have the stylist come to you and be safe and comfortable in your own space.

Saves you time

If like many of us, a typical workday leaves you completely drained and stressed out, you can probably agree: there are just too few hours in a day to even think of heading to a salon. Sure, you could force a hair appointment into your crazy schedule. But that just means that something else — a work meeting, family time, sleep — will have to be sacrificed.

And then there are all the things that a typical trip to the salon entails. You drive to the beauty salon, drive around looking for a parking spot, wait for your turn at the receptionist’s desk, wait for your preferred stylist, wait to have your hair washed, and at the end of it, brave traffic again on your way home.

By booking an appointment with a mobile beauty salon, you can eliminate all these unnecessary steps and all the time wasted. At-home hairdressers and makeup artists offer more flexible hours, allowing you to choose the best time for a beauty session based on your busy schedule.

Instead of driving or commuting to get your hair done, you could be sitting at home watching TV while your stylist drives to you. Now doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Saves you money

When you visit a traditional beauty salon, you spend on gas or fare. You also lose money as you sit in traffic or in the salon chair instead of working.

When you book with a mobile beauty salon, you don’t have to spend on your commute. Because you can have your beauty session at home or at your workplace, can also keep working as you get your hair and/or makeup done. While you may feel odd opening your laptop and working on a spreadsheet at the salon, it’s not at all an issue when you’re in your own space.

If like any busy professional, your schedule is always full to the brim, this type of service is a definite winner!

Offers a variety of services

Considering its on wheels, a mobile hair salon can actually offer a wide variety of services much like a traditional salon. As a client, you don’t have to worry about beauty tools and products. The stylists will bring whatever supplies are needed, including your preferred brands of shampoo and conditioner.

A mobile beauty salon can offer hair and makeup styling for different events, application of hair extensions and false lashes, airbrush makeup, haircuts, blow drying, hair coloring, hair straightening or relaxing, hair braiding, deep conditioning, eyebrow waxing, eyebrow threading, and more.

An important thing to note is that at-home or mobile hairdressers and makeup artists have the same licensing and training as stylists at brick-and-mortar salons. They are just as skilled at offering hairstyling and cosmetology services.

Perfect for stay-at-home moms

Taking care of children is definitely rewarding. But it can be hard to find the time for some pampering when you’re on childcare duty all day and night.

Hiring a babysitter so you can visit the salon isn’t always an option, and bringing your children to the salon isn’t all that practical.

If you’re a mom, you can avoid the hassle of dragging your children to the salon and the additional expense of hiring a babysitter by booking a mobile hair stylist to come and give you that much-needed blow dry while you keep an eye on the little ones.

You don’t even have to get dressed up and worry about being presentable. Mobile hairstylists are patient, understanding, and are used to working with harried moms.

Personalized service

Unlike a hairdresser or makeup artist working at a traditional beauty salon, mobile hairstylists and cosmetologists aren’t rushing to get to the next client and can spend the time understanding your needs and preferences.

They are trained to ask about your lifestyle, style preferences, and even your medical history so that they can customize your haircare treatment or your makeup design just for you.

Perfect for weddings and other events

Weddings and other major events can be majorly stressful. If you’ve ever been a bride or been part of a bridal party, then you know just how hectic a wedding day schedule can be for everyone involved. Making sure that everyone gets to the beauty salon and is ready for the wedding on time can be a real struggle.

With a mobile hair and beauty salon, you can reduce the day’s stress by booking hairdressers and makeup stylists who will come to you and do hair and makeup for your whole group at your hotel or at the wedding venue.

Aside from weddings, a mobile beauty salon can also help you look your best for a bridal shower, engagement party or photo shoot, birthday party, prom, school dance, or other special events.

Mobile hair salons are also great for get-togethers that aren’t exactly major events. You can book them so you and your best girls can get at-home manis and pedis during a girls’ night in. Or you can book foot spas for a special anniversary celebration.

More privacy

Unless you book a private — and costly — room, even the most upscale beauty salons are filled with people, chatter, movement, noisy blow dryers and other equipment.

Clients are gossiping and laughing. Stylists are rushing to and fro. The mingled scents of hair and beauty products, shampoos, and hair spray are everywhere.

In contrast, a mobile beauty salon is comfortable, calm, and private. You don’t have to listen to the person in the chair beside you talking on the phone. You don’t have to be weirded out by the awareness that strangers are watching your hair transformation.

What’s more, if you have a sensitivity to strong scents, you’ll be safe from the heavily fragranced products at a traditional beauty salon. With a mobile beauty salon, you can have your complete hair and makeup routine done in peace and comfort.

Perfect for the elderly and people with limited mobility

Mobile beauty salons can offer grooming and coiffure services to the elderly, the differently abled, and anyone who has difficulty leaving home.

If you have an aging loved one living at home or at a nursing home, you can book a mobile beauty salon for him or for her. Mobile salons can also work with those with physical limitations or those recovering from injury and unable to visit a brick-and-mortar salon.

How often have you scheduled a hair appointment but backed out because of traffic? How many times have you thought of gifting yourself with an hour of pampering but just couldn’t take time off work?

The next time you struggle with booking a hair or makeup appointment, give mobile beauty salons a whirl. You may be surprised to find that you prefer them over traditional salons. Contact PLC Mobile Beauty and avail of our beauty services today.

Danielle Anne Suleik

Danielle is a writer for PLC Mobile Beauty and PLC Beauty Bar.

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